Sonny Byers

Sonny Byers, with his award-winning career in music, has a sound that embodies soul, R&B, jazz, country and gospel music..

Most recently featured on KIRO TV for his work with inner city youth. Providing song writing instructions, recording technique, recording and producing music for the young musicians. Sonny wrote the song “Put The Money In Your Pocket” for Terry Evans, produced by Ry Cooder, recorded on the Audio Quest Record label. He wrote the title song for the movie “Bad Attitude” staring actor Leon. Later that year, Sonny was asked to join the Grammy’s as a writer and music producer.

Worked with as music director/vocalist for the Platters, Boby McFerrin, Andre Crouch and Edwin Hawkins.

In 2006, Quincy Jones introduced him to Ernestine Anderson, Locak Jazz Grammy Award Winning Artist. Sonny became ms. Anderson, lead vocal diretor and background vocalist. Hiring background vocalist, arranging harmonies and choreographing dance moves for live performances.

Terry Evans added Sonny to his band as vocalist/bass/keyboards player. they toured USA and Europe with the band.

He released his album Sonny Byers/Soul, and “You Ain’t Got To GO Home” and “Feel What I Know About Love”  songs are top listed on various radios’.

Besides touring with many worldwide known bands, Sonny also working on his own projects. With his band, featuring Slick Willie on guitar/vocal, they perform  R&B, Motown classics & their own songs…