Sister Mary & The Choir Boys

Sister Mary & The Choir BoysAfter completing her training at Trinity College of Music, singer Emine Pirhasan had made links with some of London’s top up and coming musicians, including composer/arranger and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas. With a passion for Bessie Smith, Ray Charles, and late nights jamming til dawn to the sounds of the honky tonk piano and cajon, the two decided to form a band dedicated to blues R’n'B, using a contemporary, edgy sound over more traditional Ray Charles-esque riffs.

Now, after 2 years of gigging in venues such as Shunt, Ain’t nothin but, Vibe Bar, The Macbeth, The Vortex, a number of warehouse parties and many other great  venues in and around London, the 5 piece band consisting of Nathaniel Keen on guitar, Fred Thomas on piano, Emine Pirhasan on vocals Johnny Brierley on bass and three times British Jazz Award winner Jim Hart on drums, have quite a following and an album in tow.

The band has since experimented with their sound and now echoes a range of blues based genres.  The songs which are in fact original material sound like earthy classics with a modern twist have been widely described as blues, rock, soul, and even at times been declared to have elements of punk.

Their Debut album also named Sister Mary and the Choir Boys is now available on itunes, CD baby, Amazon, through their website and is being broadcast on internet Radio from the Czech Republic to Argentina. Though widely distributed and acclaimed the band are reported to be at their best live.

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