With the February 2012 release of the album “Istanbul bana ne yaptin” (Istanbul what did u do to me), a varied record containing 12 original English tracks, Odylle has proven itself a welcome addition to the world of popjazz. Led by Dutch front lady Fleur Odylle and backed by four Turkish musicians, Odylle’s energetic and enthusiastic performance draws you to the stage.

Odylle is happy, jazzy, poignant and soft- creamy Dutch jazz vocals on top of a solid Turkish rhythmic cake. How this sweet delight came to be? An exhange semester that got out of hand.

In 2009, Dutch Fleur Odylle flew from Amsterdam to Istanbul to study Politics at the renowned Bosphorus and Sabanci universities and simply never quite managed to leave.

Child to true hippie parents, Odylle was raised with music and soon a foreigner’s night out in Istanbul turned into the comical song “Istanbul Bana Ne Yaptin” (Istanbul what did you do to me?!). With the help of her friends and some university equipment, Odylle shot an equally cheeky videoclip. The amateur clip turned a little viral, a first festival was interested, and Fleur Odylle got a band together.

Together with production company It Is Red,  musicians Bora Bekiroglu, Koray Üsgülen, Alpar Lü and Emre Kula and Fleur Odylle released their first album called “Istanbul Bana Ne Yaptin” – (“Istanbul what did you do to me?”), 12 tracks of original poppy jazz songs.

The Dutch compositions, Turkish arrangements, English lyrics and universal spirit has proven itself time and again to be a winning mix on- and off stage.


Fleur Odylle – Vocals/piano
Koray Üsgülen – keys
Emre Kula – Guitar &Vocals
Bora Bekiroglu – Bass
Alpar Lü – Drums


Official Website: http://odylle.com/